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Rick Caruso Secures Endorsement of the Southern California News Group/LA Daily News in Race for Mayor

Los Angeles, CA – Rick Caruso, leading candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, was endorsed by the Southern California News Group today. The SCNG publications include The LA Daily News, which is well known for its readership in the San Fernando Valley. 

Highlights of the endorsement follow:

“Businessman Rick Caruso is the right candidate at the right time.” 

Homelessness –

“Caruso says he will declare an emergency to address the homelessness crisis in the city and quickly build 30,000 temporary shelter beds. Longer term, he seeks to streamline permitting for low-income housing, push back on organizations that file lawsuits to stop development and reform city regulations so that permitting is standardized.

His plan for building temporary shelters envisions constructing them on city-owned surplus properties in commercial and industrial areas.

That’s all easier said than done, but Caruso offers a track record of working with stakeholders in many communities and successfully completing projects despite regulatory and other hurdles.”


“Caruso cites public safety as a top priority and adds that it’s also an essential part of keeping businesses and jobs in the city. He has vowed to hire 1,500 additional LAPD officers, restore the LAPD’s budget and return to community-based policing with more senior lead officers working with neighborhood groups.”


“Rick Caruso has demonstrated excellent management skills throughout his career, and if there’s one thing Los Angeles needs, it’s better management.”

The full endorsement can be viewed here.

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