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Rick Caruso Formally Endorses Effort to Recall LA District Attorney George Gascon

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Caruso to Make Sizable Donation to the Recall Campaign

Los Angeles, CA— Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso released a video today, formally endorsing the effort to recall LA District Attorney George Gascon.  A transcript of the video follows:

“After considerable thought, I have made the decision to support the recall effort of our District Attorney George Gascón. 

As I’ve said, many times, I firmly believe that George Gascón needed to stand up, admit that many of his policies have put the city of Los Angeles in peril, crime is rising, change those policies, or he should step down, and if he doesn’t step down, he should be recalled. 

I’ve said this repeatedly and clearly, he is not doing that. 

Now, I’ve also decided to support the recall effort financially to help them get the signatures they need to put this decision on the ballot, so the great people of Los Angeles can make a decision on the direction they want the city to go. 

We need to reduce crime. We need to make our city safer, and we need to listen to the residents of Los Angeles. Please join me also in supporting this recall effort. Thank you very much.”

The full video can be viewed here


Paid for by Rick Caruso for Mayor 2022, 101 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles. 

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