Frequently Asked Questions

Los Angeles residents need someone who puts their needs first. Rick is running because he believes he can make a difference in Angelenos’ quality of life, addressing issues that career politicians can't and won't. He will work for a dollar a year and isn't beholden to special interests. Rick isn't a politician and he is 100% focused on doing what is best for the people of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles is a City rich in resources and Rick believes residents’ tax dollars need to generate maximum community value. He will fight to get our fair share of federal and state funding. He will drive efficiency in the city’s budget by cutting wasteful spending. He will also drive down cost by using efficient technologies to cut spending increases.
Rick left the Republican Party years ago and is proud to be a Democrat. Rick has remained consistent in his principles, whether through his public service such as an appointee of Democratic Mayor Tom Bradley to the DWP or Police Commission, or the jobs and public spaces he has created. Rick saw that the Republican Party leadership was increasingly shunning the role government needed to play in protecting communities and personal freedoms so he chose to register as a Democrat. His values are best reflected in his commitment to reproductive health and choice, LGBTQ rights, protecting local communities, combatting climate change and working to advance social equity. He made the choice to be a Democrat because he believes in equity, opportunity, second chances and providing support for our diverse communities. These are the fundamental principles that have guided his life.
Rick Caruso is for choice. Period. He believes we need to fight to protect healthcare, because healthcare is a human right and abortion is healthcare. Misinformation about his position is damaging to women and all people who need access to reproductive care. Misleading people about his record and proposals is creating division at a time when there are real threats out there to health and reproductive freedom. We need to be united in our support for choice and the importance of access to healthcare. Rick is a supporter of Yes on Prop 1, placing the fundamental right to abortion in the CA State Constitution.
Rick is 100% committed to working for Angelenos. LA has seen the most elected officials and public employees arrested and indicted in decades on bribery and corruption charges. Rick will work for $1.00 a year is only beholden to the people and not to special interests. He will solely accept contributions from individuals and won’t take a dime from lobbyists or corporations. Rick will place all his business holdings in a blind trust and make sure his administration is the cleanest and most transparent in LA history.
Rick’s professional success has given him the opportunity to meet the expectation his grandmother set while he was growing up – that he work to increase opportunities for the communities where he lived and worked. When Rick was a boy, his father served time in prison and later put his life together. This anchored Rick’s deep belief in both redemption and accountability. He has a long track record of philanthropy and public service. From his time as the youngest DWP commissioner appointed by Democratic Mayor Tom Bradley, to his record of service at USC, to his almost 3 decades of providing resources for communities in Watts and Skid Row, Rick has always given back because he believes in ensuring everyone has the same opportunities he's been so fortunate to have.
Rick has dedicated his life to building community and has worked to increase opportunities for people across Los Angeles. Over the past 30+ years, Rick has built relationships and donated more than $130 million to various charitable causes, focusing on access to quality education and healthcare.

One way to spark upward mobility is by providing educational opportunities to children whose lives are beset by socioeconomic disadvantages. Rick’s charitable foundation confronts inequity at its roots, through organizations like Para Los Niños and Operation Progress. As mayor, Rick will continue to do the work that he has always done behind the scenes to support our communities that need it most.

Rick’s style is to listen to diverse perspectives and directly solve problems. He is an optimist who believes that by involving our diverse communities any challenge can be overcome.
Rick will dramatically increase mental health and addiction services. He will intensify efforts to crack down on the illicit drug manufacturing and dealing that worsen our mental health crisis. He will create a Mental Health Justice Center to ensure anyone compelled into treatment is evaluated so once their addiction treatment is complete, they can rejoin society with job training, continued free mental health services, and addiction treatment. Rick will hire and allocate the largest mental health and addiction treatment workforce this state has ever seen to provide people with treatment quickly and efficiently. His goal will be to have 500 people on the streets working to intake those who need help.

Rick is proposing the creation of LA City’s own mental health and addiction department to fund and implement critical services because the City of Los Angeles has NO health department or mental health service streams. We must rely on the County, where resources must be shared with 87 other cities. As the largest population center in LA County — and the largest contributor to property tax rolls — the City of Los Angeles needs to be strategic and aggressive in addressing the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

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