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Rick’s grandparents came to America from Italy through Ellis Island and his father served in WWII, attending USC on the GI Bill. In 1987, Rick founded Caruso, creating tens of thousands of jobs and building some of Southern California’s most beloved community centers, including The Grove. Appointed by Mayor Tom Bradley, he served two stints at the Department of Water and Power, reformed the LAPD and oversaw a 30 percent reduction in crime as President of the LA Police Commission and cleaned up the messes at USC. Today he’s running for Mayor of LA to put an end to street homelessness, make our communities safer, and clean up corruption.
Growing up, Rick attended Good Shepherd Catholic School, served as an altar boy and graduated from Harvard High. At regular Sunday dinners with his family Rick’s grandmother relentlessly emphasized the importance of hard work, protecting the family name, keeping faith and giving back to your community. He received his bachelor’s degree from USC in 1980 and a law degree from Pepperdine in 1983, where he was a Brock Scholar and later named Alumnus of the Year.
Rick founded Caruso in 1987, which, under his leadership, became one of the largest and most admired privately-held real estate companies in the United States. A self-made businessman, he has since developed some of Southern California’s most beloved community centers including The Grove, creating tens of thousands of jobs along the way. Rick was appointed the youngest Commissioner of the Department of Water and Power in city history by Mayor Tom Bradley.
As President of the Department of Water and Power Commission Rick oversaw the first initiative in Department history aimed at moving the DWP from fossil fuels to renewable energy generation, introduced a rate relief program for low-income customers and, as the lead negotiator, settled the nearly century-old “Water War” in the Owens Valley.
As President of the Police Commission, Rick cut crime, fought corruption and stood up to political pressure to force real reform. Under his leadership there was a 30 percent reduction in crime and a drop in incidents of police misconduct, and a federal consent decree was lifted because of the reforms he implemented. Rick fought for community policing and police accountability and stood up to political pressure when he hired Chief William Bratton, who is remembered as the most transformational figure in the history of policing in the City of Los Angeles.
All totaled, the Carusos have donated more than $130 million to various charitable causes, and his foundation is recognized as one of LA’s most impactful charities focused on helping underserved communities get the education and health care they need. Two of the programs include Operation Progress, a Watts-based non-profit founded by Los Angeles Police Department officers, supporting more than 200 students from elementary school through college graduation and Para Los Niños, located on Skid Row, which provides children high-quality academic and social-emotional education starting as young as six weeks old.

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We cannot tolerate the homelessness, crime and corruption that politicians have created for us. We can end street homelessness. We can stop crime. We can end corruption. We can fix LA.
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